A Special Thank You From Our Law Clerk Class

We have a lot to be proud of at Canadian Business College. Our commitment to education, our hard working faculty, and the new career paths we’ve helped create. But the thing we are most proud of is our students. Every day we’re inspired by their effort and dedication, and we want to share their stories with the world.

Recently, it was our Law Clerk class who brought us our daily dose of inspiration. The students wanted to be featured on our website and social media channels. But not to showcase their own achievements (which definitely deserved to be showcased). Rather, they wanted to use the opportunity to thank their instructor, Paul.

Pretty awesome, right? Even while learning remotely, they came together to deliver a very special message. A message they wanted us to broadcast loud and clear.


I am profoundly grateful to our dear instructor Paul, for his infinite patience, support and encouragement. We jumped through hoops together and today we feel confident in the abilities to realize our aspirations. Thank you, Paul, for adding so much flavour to the learning process by sharing with us your career stories, creating a friendly atmosphere and promoting active participation.


“You are my first professor who helped me understand how Canadian law works. You are the best in every aspect of academics. You gave your best to answer all of my questions. Thank you for everything, and especially your continuous support during my work.”

Paul Andrew

“Thank you for letting me understand the Law Clerk program, specifically the modules that you have imparted to us. I really appreciate your open-mindedness and answering all the complex questions raised by us.”


“Thank you for making me believe that I can do it. Everything about you is great. Your positive attitude is reflected in all the students. Your communication skills and compassion is what makes you the best teacher who is always there to help students to overcome difficulties in the legal field. Thank you for being a dedicated instructor at the Canadian Business College.”


“Paul has been an excellent teacher who goes beyond his way to help students in understanding legal concepts. His style of teaching is an apt example of how to teach. I wish all modules were taught by Paul. He makes learning fun and really simple. We need more instructors like him.”


“A good teacher will teach you the information you need to learn to pass a class, but a great teacher will teach you things that will enrich your life in the long run. Paul is one of those teachers; you went above and beyond to help each of us in every way possible. You genuinely cared about our success. You are a shining example of what a great teacher should be. I am grateful for all the lessons and continuous support. Thank you for always being there for all of us. I have one message for all the new student’s ‘May Paul Be With You.'”


“Paul was my first instructor who welcomed me into the Law Clerk program. I really enjoyed the flow of his weekly lectures and the funny life tidbits he applied to our reading. Paul always tries to find the best answer to a question and very creatively breaks down tough theories into anecdotes we understand. Paul is patient, cares about the progress of his students and provides very helpful feedback on every exam, test, and assignment result.”


“Paul is probably the reason I coped up a thousand times better with my education in the pandemic. His aura , knowledge of the subject and humility has been inspiring. He has been really supportive during classes indulging in our questions while sharing his experiences as well. He has gone up and beyond in his teaching and by taking the time out for each student in guiding how to do better. I am fortunate to have found an amazing teacher and mentor in him.”


“Before I met you, Paul, I was sure I was about to meet another instructor or an outstanding lecturer, but the moment I got deeper into your teachings, to me, it was way much more than an education. It was an introduction to reality, your soft yet richly educated mind, and for that reason, I can proudly say I am a product of your wise counsel..”


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