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Design & Marketing Professional in under a year


Canadian Business College’s Marketing & Digital Media program will provide you with the necessary skills and training to succeed in the dynamic world of design, digital media and marketing. In this program you’ll develop technical, creative and business capabilities which can lead to a career in digital marketing, graphic design, digital media publishing, website development, advertising, sales, or freelance media production.

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Wondering if Canadian Business College’s Marketing and Digital Media Program is right for you? CBC offers dynamic classes taught by industry experts and working professionals in marketing, graphic design, advertising and digital marketing. You will work alongside instructors and mentors to hone your skills and create a professional portfolio. Our diploma program is right for you if you’d like to:

•  Create or improve a portfolio
•  Upgrade your marketing skills
•  Gain graphic and creative design expertise
•  Learn social media marketing for businesses
•  Foster creative independent thinking
•  Promote yourself and/or your business
•  Excel in blog management
•  Learn content creation
•  Create marketing materials
•  Get your creative skills business-ready


•  Office Skills
•  Computer Fundamentals
•  Digital Imaging with Photoshop
•  Digital Imaging with Illustrator
•  Desktop Publishing with InDesign
•  Programing with XHTML w/CSS
•  Web Design
•  Programing with Java Script Fundamentals
•  Flash Animation with Action Script
•  Scripting and creating a storyboard
•  Digital audio editing
•  Digital Video Editing
•  E-Commerce Fundamentals
•  Introduction to PHP / MySQL with Apache
•  Marketing
•  Marketing Tools
•  Management and Leadership
•  Designing a Web Based Portfolio


As more and more companies move their businesses online, the need for trained marketing professionals will continue to grow. Website design, search engine marketing, social media advertising, and e-commerce development are all areas where Marketing & Digital Media graduates from CBC can expect
to apply their skills.


Toronto Campus
Mississauga Campus


Canadian Business College’s Student and Career Services team helps convert the knowledge, skills and training that you acquire over the course of your studies into meaningful jobs and careers once you graduate. Our top priority is to facilitate relationships between you and the businesses, organizations and industries where you will work and further develop your skills.