Canadian Business College provides students with a unique and rewarding college experience. You will receive a quality education in one of the most energetic and diverse regions in Canada. Our school offers a safe and supportive learning environment, with faculty and staff who are committed to your success. All 3 campuses are easily accessible from public transit, which means you’re never too far from something new and exciting.



Toronto is ranked among the most livable cities in the world*. The city and surrounding area is rich with culture, economic growth natural beauty, and innovation. The GTA offers a welcome environment to visitors from all over the globe.


Discover one the most culturally diverse cities in the world. Over 50% of the population was born outside the city, and more than 200 nationalities call it home. The Greater Toronto Area is a center for global unity, opportunity, and equality.


The Greater Toronto Area has a wide variety of museums, theatres, festivals and sports activities. Travel from sight to sight on public transit, or take a take a leisurely stroll and discover the vibrant, friendly atmosphere for yourself.

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International students are not covered under the Ontario Health Insurance Plan and therefore must purchase private medical insurance. You can purchase a plan in your home country or directly from a Canadian company.

Two of the most widely recommended insurance companies that international students use when coming to Canada are Guard.Me and Ingle Insurance.

IMPORTANT: All the international students must present their health insurance card on their first day of class. It is a mandatory requirement of the Ministry of Education and students without insurance coverage will not be allowed to start their program.


Toronto is the fourth largest city in North America and home to thousands of students from all over the world. There are a variety of accommodation options based on your needs and there is a large selection of websites that can assist you with your search once you’re approved to study and travel to Toronto. Here is a list of available accommodation options and resources;

IMPORTANT: Canadian Business College is sharing available resources to assist you with your search for accommodation in Toronto, but we currently do not have any contracts with these companies or provide any rent or accommodation services directly to students.


Canadian Business College is partnered with several schools in the Greater Toronto Area and Canada. Reach out to an admissions advisor today to learn more about these available pathway partnerships should you be interested in following a language pathway to Canadian Business College. Successful pathway candidates would receive a Letter of Acceptance from the partnered ESL institute and a Conditional Letter of Acceptance from Canadian Business College.