For almost 30 years, Canadian Business College has provided students with the guidance, resources, and skills needed to achieve their career goals. We are committed to your success, from the moment you enroll to the moment you graduate. Students at Canadian Business College receive a more focused learning experience with small class sizes, one-on-one time with instructors, and personalized career readiness support.

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Our programs are designed with your needs in mind. When you enroll in a diploma program at Canadian Business College, you’ll get an education that will help you succeed in the real world. Choose from our programs in Business, Gaming, Law, Health, IT, Marketing and community services to find the path that is right for you.


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When you graduate from CBC, you’re not just earning a diploma. You’re creating a blueprint for exciting new career opportunities. Being a Canadian Business College graduate means having the skills, the knowledge, and the confidence you need to achieve your professional goals. 

Recently we celebrated the Class of 2020 with our Virtual Graduation Event. It was an opportunity to showcase our awesome graduates, while giving new students like you a look at the authentic CBC experience. If you’re curious to know what awaits you at Canadian Business College, watch the video from the virtual celebration!

Instructor, Business Management

“Yes, school is all about showing up and doing the work. But the mental component is telling yourself, ‘I have already done this. I am already successful. I have already completed this.’ Act as if you’ve already achieved it.”

Instructor, Marketing & Digital Media

“The students who come in here are creative. They are people with good ideas. They’re passionate. And this program helps them present their ideas online. They get a platform to be heard through the right channels.”