Now more than ever, the business world is relying on current and emerging technologies to keep industries running. As an IT professional, you’ll be counted on to help businesses stay connected, keep information safe, and develop the tools to help companies grow. Canadian Business College offers a wide variety of IT programs to help you get started on a rewarding new career.


Canadian Business College is proud to be one of the few Oracle WDP (Workforce Development Program) partners in Ontario. Our Database Administrator program readies students to manage databases and database servers and includes Oracle Workforce Development courses that are required to become an Oracle Certified Professional.

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Canadian Business College’s Advanced Database Administrator Program provides students with the skills required to succeed in today’s rapidly growing big data market. The advanced DBA curriculum focuses on the fundamentals of data storage, database management, data manipulation and data analysis and provides hands-on Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server and MySQL training.

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Canadian Business College’s 50-week Network Engineer program provides students with information and technology training to become a Network or System Administrator. Network Engineers are involved in the design and maintenance of the hardware and software necessary for an IT infrastructure. They are high-level technical analysts with a speciality in Networks and Cloud computing.

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The digital world that we live in has created an Internet and data dependent society. Canadian Business College’s Network Engineering diploma program provides you with the IT training, certifications and skills needed to contribute to the design, implementation and maintenance of networked systems.

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Canadian Business College’s Software Engineering program trains students in the technology principles and practices needed for the creation, operation, and maintenance of software systems. With CBC’s Software Engineering training, graduates can apply IT theory and principles to address real world business opportunities and challenges.

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