Get the skills to start a rewarding new Esports career
in just under 11 months


Ready to turn your passion for gaming into an exciting career? Canadian Business College’s Esports Management program prepares you to work in the exciting and interactive business of esports.

Developed by industry experts, this unique program teaches you extensive business fundamentals, audio/video production, marketing and brand activation, as well as event management. Esports Management is perfect for tech savvy and business-minded individuals who want to take their love of gaming to the next level.

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Esports refers to the emerging global, billion-dollar industry of sports competition facilitated by electronic video gaming, and the gaming systems in place to facilitate this new marketplace.

This program introduces you to the business fundamentals of Esports and provides the training to succeed in this massive global industry. Get a first hand look at the world of esports, and explore the wide array of career paths that are available when you graduate!


•  Business Communication
•  Business Fundamentals
•  Entrepreneurship Small Business
•  Introduction to Financial Accounting
•  Human Resources
•  International Commerce Marketing
•  Audio and Video Production
•  Esports Gaming Foundation
•  IT for Esports
•  Business of Esports
•  Esports Law
•  Esports Business Strategies
•  Esports Communication
•  Brand Activation and Experiential Marketing
•  Esports Event Planning and Management
•  Esports Marketing
•  Team and Player Management
•  Esport Sponsorship
•  Live Stream Marketing and Production
•  Capstone Project
•  Career Strategies


When you graduate from the Esports Management program, you’ll have a well-rounded skill set that can be applied to a variety of career opportunities. Here are just a few of the areas where you can make the most of your industry-ready skills:

•  Esports Team & League Management
•  Esports Marketing & Promotions
•  Esports Event Coordinator
•  Professional
Esports Coach/Manager
•  Professional Esports Player
•  Esports Influencer
•  Online Streamer


Toronto Campus
Mississauga Campus


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