4 Key Portfolio-Building Tips For Students Pursuing Digital Marketing Training

If you’re getting ready to launch your digital marketing career, it’s important to know that there are many benefits to building a portfolio of your work before beginning your job search. While you might think that a portfolio is only necessary for artists or designers, in the marketing field, having an impressive portfolio can make a significant impact on the trajectory of your career. A portfolio is a great way to showcase your skills, and it also gives employers and potential clients an idea of what you can achieve as a digital marketing expert. 

A great digital marketing portfolio should include examples of your work that demonstrate your ability to successfully develop the customer outreach and marketing strategy of a business, increasing its web traffic and growth as a result. 

Here are some tips that will help you put together an outstanding portfolio.

1. Choose the Right Online Platform for Your Portfolio

The platform you choose to display your marketing work will make all of the difference when it comes to impressing potential clients. There are a variety of platforms designed for this purpose, allowing professionals to effectively display their work and their unique approach to digital marketing. Once you’ve earned your digital marketing diploma, it’s important to select an online platform that you’re able to work with easily and that will help you get your message across. Depending on your technical skill set, you might choose to build your website from scratch, or you might use a service that offers ready-to-use templates, such as Crevado, Wix, or Portfoliobox.

Choosing a great platform to display your portfolio will enhance your digital marketing diploma

2. Explain What You Do and Why it Works

As a digital marketer, ensuring that your work process and methods are clear to your potential clients is one of the most crucial elements of a strong portfolio. Consider adding an “About” section to your online portfolio, which tells potential clients a little about yourself, your goals, and the standards you hold yourself and your work to. You can also include a “Case Studies” section, providing examples of work you’ve done which shows prospective clients how you’ve both achieved success and overcome obstacles in the past, the strategies and ideas you’ve used, and the results of selected campaigns.

3. Put Your Best Work Front and Center

The types of projects you choose to include in your portfolio will determine the type of business that you attract. That’s why it’s essential to include projects that are representative of your unique skill set and areas of expertise, and of course, projects that you enjoyed working on. 

If you’ve done any freelance work over the course of your training, you can include this work in your portfolio. In contrast, if you’re just starting out and you don’t have much experience working with clients, you can include projects that you’ve completed during your digital marketing program. What’s most important is that the projects you choose to include highlight your personal style, creativity, and technique.

Select projects that best represent your skills when building your digital marketing portfolio

4. Include Calls to Action

If you already have some experience working in digital marketing, you likely know the importance of calls to action (CTAs). A CTA is a short phrase or button embedded within a web page or other type of content (blog post, social media post, ad) that prompts users and potential clients to take further action based on the content they just read. For instance, a CTA featured on your portfolio could be a button inviting users to learn more about your services, or perhaps a contact form featured on your services page inviting users to fill out the form with their information if they’d like to work with you. Including effective CTAs will help you generate more interest and potentially more clients.

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