Graduating from a Payroll Administration Program? A Look At Your Workplace Options

If you’re considering a career as a payroll administrator, you’ll be responsible for handling payroll processes, ensuring that employees are paid on time, and resolving issues when they arise. Your tasks might include reviewing time records, monitoring employee schedules, distributing payment to employees, answering questions, filing tax reports, implementing payment policies, and more. After graduating from a payroll administrator program, your knowledge of payroll policies and procedures will enable you to find employment in a number of different environments.

Today, businesses in virtually every industry require the help of a payroll administrator, and you’ll be able to choose an employment opportunity that best suits your preferences. Whether you’d like to work individually, as part of a team, or in a larger or smaller business, there are plenty of options available to you upon earning your diploma. 

Below, discover a few common types of workplaces where payroll administrators can expect to find employment.

Those with a Payroll Administrator Diploma Can Work at Large Companies

Within larger companies encompassing hundreds or thousands of employees, professionals with a payroll administrator diploma may find work in the payroll department. While an entire payroll department is not necessary in smaller companies, within large corporations, the payroll department is responsible for managing payroll for all employees. A typical payroll department will also contain supervisory positions, where individuals are in charge of developing payroll strategies, auditing records, and ensuring compliance with provincial and national regulations. If you’re seeking an employment opportunity with room for growth, working in the payroll department of a large company could be right for you.

Payroll administrators may work in the payroll department of larger companies

Payroll Administrators Can Work for Payroll Providers

Many companies outsource their payroll needs to payroll providers. These companies handle different client accounts, for which they perform different payroll functions. As a payroll administrator working for a payroll provider, you’ll be responsible for managing multiple different payroll processes for different clients, providing customer service by handling questions and requests for clients, collecting data, notifying clients of tax liabilities, providing employee earning statements, and more. For those who desire a more dynamic role as a payroll administrator, consider a career working for a payroll provider.

Smaller Businesses Employ Payroll Administrators

Small businesses also require the services of payroll administrators. Often, a payroll administrator working for a smaller business, such as a grocery store or boutique, will be responsible not only for managing employee payroll, but handling other accounting functions as needed. Graduates of a payroll administrator program will often handle bank deposits, compile monthly bank statements, conduct audits on cash registers, and more. If you’re interested in a more self-led position with a variety of different responsibilities, a payroll administration position at a smaller business could be a great option for you.

Smaller businesses may employ payroll administrators to perform a wider set of duties

Payroll Administrators Can Work within Human Resources Departments

Some companies combine the positions of payroll administration with human resources. Within human resource departments, payroll administrators can expect to have a number of responsibilities in addition to typical payroll duties. Payroll administrators may be responsible for administering employee benefits, developing recruitment plans for different positions, conducting interviews for certain positions, and assisting with staff reviews. If you’re a strong communicator and love interacting with others, you’ll love working as a payroll administrator within a company’s human resources department.

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