Considering a Career Change? Why Now is the Best Time to Become a Full Stack Web App Developer

Recent research conducted by Nielsen suggests that a significant number of Canadian employees are dissatisfied with their current positions, with 37% of respondents reporting that they were actively looking for new work. Several factors were cited to explain this desire for change, including respondents’ lack of interest in their current positions and a need for higher pay.

If you include yourself among those Canadians seeking out new opportunities and a possible change in career, then you might want to consider full stack developer training, which can prepare you for a rewarding, interesting, and well-compensated position developing online applications.

To learn more about the career of a full stack developer, and why there’s never been a better time to enter the field, keep reading.


Full Stack Developers Are Able to Create Complete Applications from Scratch

To begin, it might help to briefly explain exactly what a full stack developer does, for those who aren’t already familiar with the term.

A full stack developer is a type of software engineer who is able to handle every aspect of the development process – whether for a mobile, web, or native application. This means that a full stack developer, rather than specializing in one particular aspect of development, has a broad base of knowledge covering how to work with databases, servers, systems engineering, and clients. By combining all of these skills, full stack developers are able to complete a project independently – which is to say, they can produce the “full stack” of sub-modules which form the project.


Full stack developers can create a complete application from start to finish
Full stack developers can create a complete application from start to finish



Full Stack Developers Are Currently in High Demand

Randstad recently listed developers among the top 15 most in demand jobs in Canada, noting that although “developers of all stripes are desperately needed, full stack developers who know both front end and back-end programming are the most in demand.”

The flexibility and breadth of knowledge of full stack developers has made the position one that is highly valued in today’s labour market. By hiring a full stack developer, businesses can save on costs for work that would otherwise require multiple specialists to complete. Professionals who have completed a full stack web app developer program can also help produce a seamless and unified application, since they have a complete view of the entire project and how each module fits together. This is part of what makes being a full stack developer such a rewarding job, since it allows you to take a comprehensive view of your work, and take on a variety of tasks in completing it.

This comprehensive skill set also helps when it comes to compensation, with job site Neuvoo reporting an average salary of $110,000 a year for full stack developers in Canada.


Change Careers with a Software Developer Program

If you’re ready to change careers and become a full stack web app developer, then you’ll want to seek out professional training. Fortunately, a full stack development program can give you the skills you need in as little as 28 weeks. By developing your knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Django, Python, JSON, MySQL, and MongoDB, you can learn everything you need to know to build an application from start to finish. This means that in less than a year, you could be ready to begin your new career in full stack software development!


Prepare for a career as a full stack developer with software developer courses
Prepare for a career as a full stack developer with software developer courses

Are you ready to begin a career as a full stack developer?

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