[Infographic] 5 Reasons to Enter the Digital Media Field

Digital media, or digital marketing, is one of the most exciting and dynamic industries for a young professional to enter in today’s day and age. In our increasingly digital world, the digital economy is thriving as the ways we use technology and media change and grow. Today, a huge portion of the world uses social media and other digital platforms on a regular basis, and use is growing with no signs of stopping. Those with digital marketing training capitalize on our increasing media usage in innovative ways, capturing consumer attention with unique methods and building brand awareness. Any business today needs to have some form of digital marketing strategy if they want to succeed in engaging with customers.

If you’re inspired and excited by this ever-changing industry, a digital marketing program could be right for you. If you still need more convincing, here are five reasons why you should consider entering the digital media field.

5 Reasons to Enter the Digital Media Field

1. There’s a Role for Everyone

Digital marketing is a versatile field, and within it, there’s a job for everyone.

You could find work in:

  • Social Media
  • Email Marketing
  • Copywriting and Content Writing
  • Digital Video/Audio Production
  • Web Design

… and more!

2. There’s a Digital Skills Gap

The demand for professionals with digital marketing skills is solid.

– More businesses are discovering the need for outreach via digital methods

– The modern sales process is often online

– Many businesses are expanding their online presence

Did you know? The Conference Board of Canada estimates that marketing jobs comprise 6.3% of Canada’s total employment.

3. The Industry Is Ever-Changing

As technology changes, there will always be new opportunities to learn.

– New trends and social media platforms will make this an ever-changing field

– There will always be other professionals to learn from

– You’ll get to continue to learn and grow throughout your career

4. Creativity Is Rewarded

Digital media is a new field, and creativity pays off. Professionals can:

– Apply new and innovative ideas to build a brand

– Attract attention and traction with unique methods

– Use their creativity in a number of different roles, such as:

                – Writing

                – Web Design

                – Digital Video and Audio Editing

… and more!

5. Training Doesn’t Have to Be Difficult

At the Canadian Business College, you will:

  • Get the training you need in just 52 weeks
  • Develop your portfolio
  • Elevate your marketing capabilities
  • Build new skills

Are you ready to start your marketing and digital media training?

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