Teacher Feature: Barb Brzezicki

Canadian Business College strives to give students a practical education. So we rely on instructors with real-world expertise like Barb Brzezicki.

After graduating with honours from the Paralegal program, Barb joined the CBC faculty in 2016. In addition to being a Paralegal instructor, Barb is involved in both the Law Clerk and Business Management programs. It is a diverse role, and one that she is uniquely qualified for.

Prior to CBC, she spent 4 years at a Toronto-based law firm where high profile trials were the norm. Earlier than that, she built an impressive 14-year career as a Communications Strategist for the Hudson’s Bay Company. By the time Barb began her teaching career, she had a wealth of professional experience to share with her students. “I think a dose of reality is very important. Anything an instructor brings into the classroom is an enhancement above and beyond what the books provide. And I feel like I can offer that to my students.”

In addition to offering real-world insight, Barb helps students get mentally prepared for the journey ahead. Her programs attract a lot of ambitious and motivated students, but not everyone has the same mindset. She understands that even students who have a goal in mind can find it difficult to realize their potential. “Some students need a lot of encouraging because they’re lacking confidence. Part of the role of the instructor is to say, ‘You’ve got this. You can totally do it.’”

As someone who enrolled in career college, Barb knows taking the first step can be the hardest part. Pursuing an education is an investment of time and effort. So she has some advice for students who are on the fence about going back to school.

“Change is very scary for a lot of people, but it’s okay to take that risk because you’re investing in yourself. There are things like OSAP and Second Career to help and support someone who is afraid to make a change, but just needs a little push to do so.”

Whether her students are looking to play an important role in the legal system as a Law Clerk, or develop leadership and marketing skills that come from a Business Management diploma, they are all looking for a rewarding career. They key, according to Barb, is to think of classroom success as career success. She believes that once a student has been mentally prepared to succeed, they are already on the right path.

“Act as if you’ve already achieved it. Yes, school is all about showing up and doing the work. But the mental component is telling yourself, ‘I have already done this. I am already successful. I have already completed this.’ You gotta own it.”

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