The E-Commerce Surge: Why It Matters for Professionals with Web Design Training

The shift to online shopping has been growing in popularity, causing many businesses to change their marketing and sales strategies. Ever since the pandemic, the need to go online has become more pressing—pushing more companies towards e-commerce as a way to keep business running. 

According to Forbes, e-commerce sales have increased by over 30% in 2020. As the need for effective and visually appealing websites increases, so too does the need for well-trained web designers. With their knowledge and skills, web designers can contribute to the growth of a business, ensuring a strong presence for their online store. 

Here’s a closer look at how web designers benefit from the rise of e-commerce!

Understanding the Role Web Designers Play in the Shift to E-Commerce

Due to their specialized skills, web designers are relied upon by all types of businesses—from new companies seeking to make an impactful impression online to more established companies looking to improve their website to better cater to their target audience. 

The popularity of e-commerce and online shopping is significantly impacting these businesses. As a result, many companies are forced to look for experienced web designers who can create websites specifically tailored to providing a pleasant online shopping experience. Professionals with a web design diploma can apply their technical, creative, and business skills to help companies find effective design and media solutions for their website needs.

Companies rely on experienced web designers to draw in customers and maintain a competitive advantage online

Good Web Design Helps Businesses Strengthen their Online Presence 

Good websites are designed to attract customers and keep them there for a longer period of time. In the case of e-commerce, companies will need websites that are intuitive and user-friendly—appealing to new and returning customers through strong design and effective layout. This will help users feel naturally guided throughout the shopping experience.

As more users continue to use mobile devices to browse the Internet, the need for mobile-responsive e-commerce websites continues to grow. Through web design training, students will learn about software tools used by designers, developers, and marketers to help businesses adapt to new trends. The skills and insights gained from this program prepare students to meet the demands of prospective employers. In this way, graduates are equipped with a practical tool set that can be used to strengthen their employer’s online presence. 

Web designers use their skills to craft positive user experiences for website visitors

The Growing Market Creates Many Opportunities for Those with a Web Design Diploma 

The success of e-commerce is driving more interest and resources towards the web, creating even more opportunities for web designers. In this role, you’d be contributing to the online success of a business—applying your creativity to help them create positive first impressions with customers. This makes your services incredibly valuable to businesses, allowing you to shape how customers perceive and interact with your prospective employers.

According to the Government of Canada’s Job Bank, a total of 10,900 jobs are expected to be open for web designers and developers over the period of 2019-2028. As demand for well-trained web designers continues to grow, you can find new and exciting opportunities to apply your skills in a rewarding career.

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