Considering a New Career? Find Out if Our Parts and Warehouse Management Program Is Right for You!

Parts and warehouse management is an important field that impacts logistics and the supply chain, including inbound and outbound functions. Professionals in this field have various responsibilities, from leading teams and communicating with others to storing and shipping different goods. 

Through our program in Parts and Warehouse Management, you can develop product knowledge and technical skills—allowing you to manage smooth operations by ensuring that the right goods are properly stored at the right time. Created in partnership with Saskatchewan Polytechnic, our program is the first of its kind in Ontario. With this background, you’ll be able to apply your expertise and quickly adapt to this fast-paced business environment.

Here are some insights to help you explore your potential in this career path! 

Key Qualities You Need to Excel in Parts and Warehouse Management

If you’re someone who values variety on the job and are able to organize your time efficiently, then a career in parts and warehouse management might be the right fit for you. In this field, you’ll need to have strong communication and computer skills. That’s especially the case factoring in that you’ll be working heavily with various teams and individuals, taking on a leadership role. 

To be a successful warehousing specialist or manager, you’ll also need to be an efficient problem solver. Being able to quickly use logic in order to adapt to changing circumstances can help you run your operations more efficiently. Time and people management in addition to technical skills can help you make a stronger impact in your work environment. Having these qualities and the willingness to learn new skills are great signs that you’re ready to start your parts and warehouse management training.

Having strong leadership and organizational skills can help you excel in this field

Practical Skills You Can Build During Your Parts and Warehouse Management Training

Our program in Parts and Warehouse Management is designed to equip you with a valuable skill set, preparing you to launch your new career. Here, you’ll be learning how to best handle different materials and equipment, how to manage inventory software and conduct audits, as well as how to work efficiently with parts information systems and documentation. 

These technical insights would be further supplemented with managerial training, allowing you to develop key soft skills. For those interested in delving deeper, our Parts and Warehousing Management program introduces important concepts in both agricultural and industrial wholegoods as well as automotive and truck wholegoods. In doing so, you’ll be more knowledgeable about relevant engine parts, hydraulic systems, and drivetrain components among other things.

Your training will provide you with technical knowledge and practical skills

Careers You Can Explore with a Background in Parts and Warehouse Management

With a background in parts and warehouse management, you can consider becoming an inventory management specialist, a warehouse specialist, or even a warehouse manager. Due to the diversity of your training, you’ll be able to explore careers in a range of industries and environments, including: automotive, heavy truck and transport, agriculture, construction, and even wholesale distribution and warehouses among others. 

Depending on the job, you may need to fulfill other requirements and develop years of experience. However, by starting with your training in parts and warehouse management, you can start on the right track and build an impressive resume of in-demand skills.

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