5 Trends to Watch for Students Taking Web Design Courses

The number of people using the Internet is increasing, and with it, the number of active websites in use. Thousands of new sites are added every day, and businesses are increasingly relying on web designers to employ new techniques and technologies to attract users and customers—and ultimately, keep them on the website longer. UI/UX designers are looking to many new trends in the upcoming year to build websites with improved user experience, attractive graphics, and increased integration of data and technology.

If you’re thinking about web design for your next career endeavour, here are some upcoming trends to consider integrating into your designs.

If You’re in Web Design Training, Think About Integrating Voice User Interface and Chatbots

Voice User Interfaces work to facilitate communication between humans and computers by implementing speech applications, allowing websites and brands to use a voice assistant to improve customer experience. These applications can help websites stand out with technology that can change the user’s interaction with the site. Chatbots are another way to achieve heightened user experiences. In 2021, Chatbots could do more than just manage standard questions, handling more advanced queries with a wider range of conversational intelligence and tools. Those in web design training should look to these trends when designing a website that aims to increase user engagement.

Chatbots are an increasing web design trend

Moving to Asymmetrical Layouts

Traditionally, websites are built on a grid to create a cohesive structure and attract users’ attention to familiar elements. In 2021, designers could begin moving away from this approach in search of something more distinct. Asymmetric designs change the look and feel of a website by changing where the user is focused, drawing attention to different areas of the site. While creators may worry that the user won’t be able to find key elements, designers can increase the size of any element they want to attract focus to, as this will always draw a viewer’s attention.

Building Smarter Website by Integrating AI

AI (artificial intelligence) and enhanced machine learning allows websites to increase the level of personalization in the user’s experience, leading to landing pages equipped with contextual information to cater toward the user. AI enables websites to collect user information, such as browsing history and location, in order to enhance user engagement by optimally choosing and placing website elements to help users locate what they’re searching for. Those with a web design diploma should look to AI when building a webpage that will ultimately cater to the user as an individual.

AI integration can improve website users’ experience

Implementing Floating Elements, Soft Shadows, and Layering

3D elements could be a popular trend for website appearance in 2021. One way to achieve a 3D look is through the use of floating elements, soft shadows, and layering techniques. These techniques add depth to images, videos, and texts, making them more visually appealing and 3D in appearance. Floating elements and shadows make the web page appear layered, creating a unique and engaging user experience.

Addition of a Dark Mode Option

Providing a dark mode alternative for websites is growing in popularity, and will likely continue to grow in 2021, with companies like Apple, Android, WhatsApp, and Instagram providing a dark mode option for users. Interestingly, there are many advantages of dark mode in addition to providing an alternative appearance. With dark mode, web designers have an opportunity to place emphasis upon certain design elements by making them more visible with a neon gleam. This gives the website a unique look with the dark mode option, and users will appreciate that they have the option to use a website that is easier on their eyes.

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