How Careers in Tech Will Be in High Demand as Companies Adopt New Technologies

Increased reliance on the internet during the COVID-19 crisis has exposed the power of technology to digitize services, products, and internal business operations. This rapid digital shift has been a wakeup call for many companies, and businesses around the world are racing to adopt new technologies, expand IT departments, and find innovative ways to cater to increasingly tech-savvy consumers.

Even when COVID-19 subsides and life returns to ‘business as usual,’ the business world will have changed forever. There will be new digital standards – and an unprecedented need for network engineers to help companies meet them. 

If a career in tech intrigues you, now is the perfect time to pursue your passion. Read on to learn about the career opportunities open to you in a post-COVID-19 world.

Companies Need Network Engineering Program Grads to Mitigate Cloud Concerns

With the sudden shift to remote work during COVID-19, employees began storing a significant amount of business information in personal cloud applications before companies could create regulations to protect this data. 

In an ideal world, companies define the types of data that employees can store in a cloud platform before using it. They also instate company policies and work with the cloud service provider to ensure that any security issues will be dealt with quickly. Unfortunately, nothing about the COVID-19 crisis has been ideal, and many companies have yet to put these precautions in place. 

After you complete a network engineering program, you can fill in these gaps by regulating where the data should live, who has access to it, and what kind of controls are necessary to ensure its privacy. 

Companies are responsible for all online data, so it is crucial to have the right policies in place

Why Understanding Data Security is Essential for Post-COVID-19 Careers in Tech 

From frequent Zoom hacks to COVID-19-related phishing schemes, the sudden transition to remote work and increased online activity has given rise to numerous security breaches.

As a result, companies need qualified network engineers to maintain data security and prevent these attacks. Those with careers in tech are also responsible for putting key security measures – such as firewalls, antivirus protection, and two-factor authentication – in place. 

As more business takes place online, companies need tech experts to ensure safety and security

How Network Engineers Help Companies Handle Increased Online Traffic

As Canadians rely on the internet for everything from grocery shopping to leisure activities, many companies are experiencing a flood of online traffic – but not every server is equipped to handle it. 

That’s where network engineers come in. These tech specialists help design and maintain the hardware and software that is foundational to IT infrastructure. As a result, they can help businesses process a high volume of online orders, troubleshoot any issues, and ensure that their infrastructure functions smoothly and properly.

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