Infographic: How to Transfer Your Skills to a New Career

When you’re looking for a career change, you may find that the field that interests you requires certain skills you’ve already developed, otherwise known as transferable skills. Often, soft skills are more transferable than hard skills.

Soft skills are sometimes called interpersonal skills or people skills. They may include communication, leadership, teamwork, or other people-oriented attributes. Hard skills are easier to quantify. They are usually teachable and might include languages, computer programming, or specific knowledge from a specialized education.

When you’re looking to make a change, many people choose career college to pick up the hard skills they need to start on a new path. Combined with transferable soft skills you already have from past experiences and jobs, you can create an amazing resume to help you land your dream job, taking advantage of what you already have to offer. Wondering what your transferable skills are and which ones could be useful in your new career? Check out these ways to determine what you can already offer to an industry, plus how to fill in the blanks through real-world training with any technical or other industry-specific skills.

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