3 Signs You Might Love Working with Seniors After PSW Training

Working with seniors is a fulfilling career option after personal support worker (PSW) training. Working with the elderly can provide incredible learning opportunities and the chance to connect with people who have many years of experience and learning behind them. The traits you already possess might be signs pointing you towards this area of work. People with flexibility, attention to detail, and respectful attitudes may discover that working with seniors is the ideal role for them, where they can contribute to the lives of others. Read on for some hints that you might love working with the elderly.

1. Working with the Elderly as a PSW Requires Flexibility

Timing isn’t always convenient when working with the elderly. For a lot of seniors, seeing your adaptability will build a world of trust and appreciation. For some, a hole in their schedule without a caregiver can mean that they miss medication or are endangered. If you can stay late or arrive early for shifts, you will be able to cover any unexpected gaps.  
If you can be flexible as a PSW, people will know that you are there when they need you
If you can be flexible as a PSW, people will know that you are there when they need you
Similarly, being flexible in the way that you work will help you to adapt to each person’s individual needs and how they operate. Some may enjoy sitting quietly and being still, while others might love exchanging stories while you assist them in daily activities. Likewise, people who react calmly and responsively to emergencies and surprises are often well-suited for personal support worker careers working with seniors. It’s important to support people through all of life’s twists and turns, like sudden illness or even surprise visits.

2. Attention to Detail will help you take care of Seniors in your Career

If you notice small details and are observant of the people you know, you might love working with the elderly. Since many seniors have medical needs and aren’t visiting a doctor every single day, it can be useful if a PSW keeps an eye on changes in appetite, skin colour, or other factors. This could make the difference between a person getting the medical attention they need and a problem going unnoticed. Another area where detail is important is timing. Appointments, medication times, and other scheduling factors are important to stick to when caring for the elderly. Especially for people who have lost some of their independence, it’s important that they trust you to stay on top of their needs. Being punctual will make them feel secure and happy.

3. Patience and Respect are key to Working with Seniors in Personal Support Worker Careers

If you find that others are calmed by you in your life, you may have the perfect energy to work with seniors. Personal support worker courses will help you develop the interpersonal skills that make you a solid source of support. Your respect and patience can help people feel less frustrated by the changes that come with their senior years. Some elderly people may find that they are not able to do things as well or quickly as they could before – you can be a calm, patient presence for them when they require emotional support with daily tasks. Privacy is a very important part of respect with PSWs. You may assist seniors with activities like changing or washing, in which you’ll need to prioritize giving them the privacy they want and need. Showing respect by asking how people are and conversing with them will also make both you and them feel more comfortable. Simply enjoying people will signal to them that they are not a burden and show them how much they enrich your life.  
Enjoying the people you work with shows respect and gives you a more fulfilling career
Enjoying the people you work with shows respect and gives you a more fulfilling career
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