4 Careers That Community Services Worker Training Will Prepare You For

If you’re interested in finding a career that allows you to give back to your community and make a tangible, positive impact on the lives of people in need, then you might be well-suited to Community Services Worker (CSW) training. A CSW diploma can prepare you for a range of rewarding and meaningful careers providing support to individuals in need. Whether helping at-risk youth secure food and shelter, or training jobseekers with the skills they need to get their own careers on track, community services workers get the satisfaction of working every day to make people’s lives better. Here are four rewarding careers that you could pursue after community services worker training.

1. Become an Addictions Worker with CSW Training

Addictions workers provide invaluable support to individuals who are struggling with substance use disorders, as well as other behavioural addictions, such as gambling. They might work in local clinics, inpatient or outpatient treatment facilities, or community service agencies, covering a range of responsibilities including intake, one-on-one or group counselling, and even working with families or close friends of those undergoing treatment. Some addictions workers might also be tasked with developing programs or prevention and awareness initiatives. In general, the non-judgemental support that addictions counsellors provide might take many forms, depending on the setting and the client, but addictions workers can always take pride in their work knowing that they are making a positive impact on the lives of those in recovery.

2. Help At-Risk Youth as a Youth Outreach Worker

Youth outreach workers provide a connection between young people in the community who are undergoing difficulties and the community service agencies that can help them. These workers tend to spend a lot of time in the field, reaching out to teens and youth who are homeless or at risk of becoming so and providing them with resources and support, helping them secure food and shelter, and sometimes even connecting them with employment opportunities. For anyone who is compassionate and dedicated, and who wants a career where they can make a difference in young people’s lives when they need it most, a career as a youth outreach worker can be incredibly rewarding.  
Youth outreach workers provide invaluable support to at-risk youth
Youth outreach workers provide invaluable support to at-risk youth

3. Pursue a Career as a Halfway House Worker with a CSW Diploma

A CSW diploma could also prepare you for a career as a halfway house worker. Individuals who have been incarcerated face a number of obstacles when they complete their sentences and return to life outside of prison, including widespread social stigma and sometimes significant barriers to employment. Halfway houses exist to help eligible formerly incarcerated individuals through this challenging transition, with halfway house workers offering a variety of services such as housing support, addiction counselling, and education and employment programs. These workers play an essential role in the rehabilitative process, providing formerly incarcerated individuals with the resources and skills they need to get back of their feet.

4. Help People Find Success in the Job Market as an Employment Counsellor

Employment counsellors work with a diverse range of clients each of whom are facing their own unique set of challenges in the employment market, helping them overcome the barriers that are standing between them and their career goals. As an employment counsellor, you would use the interviewing skills you learned in your community services worker training to determine your clients’ work history, experience, and strengths, and offer them the resources, advice, and guidance they need to secure employment that fits their needs.  
Employment counsellors use their CSW training to help people overcome barriers to employment
Employment counsellors use their CSW training to help people overcome barriers to employment
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