3 Adobe Software Applications You’ll Learn About in a Digital Marketing Program

Digital marketers promote brands, products, and services through various forms of digital media. This could mean banner ads for websites, customized email newsletters, blogs, videos, infographics, and more. Since consumers spend increasing amounts of time online, on laptops, tablets, and smartphones, this type of content has come to play an increasingly important role in how businesses connect with new and existing customers, and digital marketers have been pushed to make ever-more engaging, informative, and creative content for their audiences. Professionals in the digital marketing industry rely on a range of advanced digital tools to create this content. Among them, Adobe’s suite of digital design software plays an essential role, with a broad range of applications customized to fit a variety of specific design needs. If you’re interested in training for a career in digital marketing, you can expect to become familiar with several of these applications over the course of your education, gaining the skills you’ll need to create eye-catching digital content of your own. Here are three of the most important Adobe software applications that you’ll learn about in a digital marketing program.

Photoshop is the Perfect Solution for Editing and Retouching Photos

Photoshop is the industry-standard software for editing and retouching photos and other raster images, which are digital images that are made up of a grid of pixels. While Photoshop was originally designed only for editing and retouching images, over time it has evolved to a point where many artists use the software to draw, sketch, and paint original digital images. As you’ll learn in your digital marketing program, Photoshop is the perfect tool to correct exposure and colour balance in an image; to remove, replace, or mask portions of an image; and to combine multiple images into one. While it can be used for a wide variety of print, digital, and mobile applications, the raster images that it produces can’t be scaled up without losing resolution.  
Photoshop can be used to create striking effects in photos
Photoshop can be used to create striking effects in photos

Learn How to Use Illustrator to Create Logos with a Digital Marketing Diploma

Illustrator, on the other hand, works with vector images. These are images which, rather than being defined by a series of pixels, are made up of geometric objects. One of the big advantages of these types of images is that they can be scaled up or down without any loss of resolution. For those in digital marketing careers, this makes them perfect for projects like logos, which are likely to be resized in a number of different formats. In addition to logos, Illustrator can be a great option for icons and brand mascots, as well as one-page print pieces like posters, business cards, and flyers. Illustrator also has powerful tools for customizing text, allowing it to be transformed, stretched, and skewed. This makes it perfect to do type-setting for a logo, although if a document is particularly text-heavy, or if it’s longer than one page, InDesign is likely to be the better option.

InDesign Can Create Complex Multipage Text Documents

InDesign is Adobe’s design solution for multipage, text-heavy projects. Originally created for the desktop publishing market, it’s mostly used to lay out magazines, brochures, books, reports, and similarly text-heavy documents. The application has a number of features that make it perfect for these types of uses, including the ability to design master page templates to unify design throughout an entire document. It can also take care of automatic page numbering, and pages within a document can be easily duplicated, re-ordered, and swapped out.  
InDesign can be used for magazines, books, and other multipage, text-heavy projects
InDesign can be used for magazines, books, and other multipage, text-heavy projects
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