Personal Support Worker Wages Are on the Rise

Personal Support Workers (PSWs) are essential members of the healthcare team who provide care and support to individuals who require assistance due to illness, disability, or aging. With the recent announcement by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to pledge $1.7 billion for a PSW wage increase, there has never been a better time to pursue a career in this field. Canadian Business College (CBC) offers a PSW program that can help you become a highly skilled and sought-after healthcare professional.

The PSW program at CBC is designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills necessary to deliver quality care to patients in a variety of healthcare settings. The program covers a wide range of topics, including anatomy and physiology, infection control, patient care, medication administration, and more. Students also gain practical experience through clinical placements in real-world healthcare settings, allowing them to apply their knowledge and skills in a hands-on environment.

The recent announcement by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to increase the wages of PSWs by $3 per hour over the next four years is a testament to the importance of these professionals in the healthcare industry. PSWs are in high demand, and their role in supporting patients and their families cannot be overstated. With the aging population in Canada, the need for PSWs will only continue to grow in the coming years.

By pursuing a PSW education at CBC, you can prepare yourself for a rewarding career that offers job security, competitive wages, and the satisfaction of knowing that you are making a difference in the lives of others. The program is designed to be flexible, allowing students to balance their education with other responsibilities, such as work or family.

This announcement is a positive development for the healthcare industry in Canada. Pursuing a PSW education at Canadian Business College can help you become a highly skilled and sought-after healthcare professional, with the potential for job security and competitive wages. With the aging population in Canada, the need for PSWs and other healthcare professionals will only continue to grow, making now the perfect time to consider a career in this field.

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