Considering PSW Training? Here’s Why Personal Support Workers Are in High Demand

In Canada today, personal support workers are in higher demand than ever before. Personal support workers provide assistance to patients who are elderly, physically disabled, or chronically ill, helping them to live their lives comfortably within a supportive environment. These professionals may work within a client’s home, at long-term care facilities and nursing homes, in hospitals, and elsewhere. Personal support workers are caring, compassionate, and hard working professionals, and the quality services that they offer are essential in addressing the personal and health needs of the Canadian population. 

If you’re considering a career as a personal support worker, there’s never been a better time to begin your training. Read on to discover why personal support workers are in demand in Canada today, and what the employment outlook looks like for these professionals.

Canada’s Aging Population Needs Professionals in Personal Support Worker Careers

Canada’s population is getting older. According to Statistics Canada, over 15% of Canada’s population is above the age of 65, outnumbering the proportion of children aged 0-14 years for the first time. What’s more, Canada’s senior population is expected to continue to grow, estimated to account for 25% of the population by 2036. The increase in Canada’s elderly population is putting a strain on the healthcare industry, as more professionals are needed to help the elderly to live comfortably and have their health needs met. 

Professionals in personal support worker careers play an important role in the effort to meet the growing demand for care from Canada’s aging population. Currently, 8% of Canadians receive some form of home-based health care, and this number continues to grow as the number of elderly residents rises. Thus, people in personal support careers are increasingly needed to assist seniors in maintaining their health and dignity as they get older.

Personal support workers are needed more than ever to assist Canada’s aging population

With COVID-19, the Long Term Care Industry is Facing More Challenges

The COVID-19 pandemic has placed additional strain on Canada’s healthcare system, which was already struggling to account for the needs of an aging population. Before the pandemic’s arrival in March of 2020, the Ontario Long-Term Care Association was already reporting staffing shortages in long-term care homes. As occupancy has increased with the COVID-19 crisis, even more personal support workers are needed to provide care for a growing number of long-term care residents. 

The pandemic has highlighted the importance of personal support workers and their role within Canada’s healthcare system. As a result, the Government of Ontario has been making strides to increase funding for the home and community-based care industry. For those with PSW training, this means that within the long-term care industry, job prospects will continue to grow as the government works to fill gaps within Canada’s health care system.

The Employment Outlook for PSWs is Promising

As a result of the shortages facing long-term care facilities and the aging Canadian population, employment prospects for personal support workers are good within Ontario. According to Job Bank Canada, personal support workers are currently in demand within nursing and residential care facilities, private households, and more. Ontario’s Direct Funding program is another contributor to employment for PSWs, as this program provides funding for physically disabled clients to hire personal attendants. 

A rise in the numbers of long term care residents is placing greater importance on the role of PSWs

Due to the importance of personal support workers to the health and safety of aging, disabled and chronically ill Canadians, demand is high for certified professionals within this role. If you’re considering a career as a personal support worker, get the training you need at the Canadian Business College in order to make a difference in the lives of Canadians.

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