Top 3 Online Ad Strategies for Business Management Students

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The last year has upended the way most businesses operate, with many turning to online platforms for new ways of reaching audiences and selling their goods and services. Those with little knowledge of online advertising have found themselves in a crash-course position, trying to learn the best way to craft ads and reach audiences in view of the “new normal.” Even those well-seasoned in the virtual space are likely to have made substantial changes to their online ad campaigns to adapt to the evolving marketplace. 

So what are some key strategies businesses are employing with recovery and growth in mind? Let’s take a peek at a few here.

1. Business School Pros Need to First Understand How Customer Needs Have Changed

It’s impossible to ignore the immediate shifts to audience behaviours that have been caused by the pandemic. It’s crucial for those with business management careers to be sensitive to these changes by asking some key questions: How many of your customers have lost their jobs, or been forced to take a pay cut? What’s their primary motivation to shop online? Does your current product range make sense given your audience’s new realities?  

Your content should reflect that you understand how your customers’ needs have changed by showcasing the value of your product and how it can serve to benefit them under their current circumstances. Connecting with your audience’s timely motivations by staying on top of news in your own niche will be key to developing the strategy for capturing their attention with your online ads.

2. Make Sure Your Content Is up to Date

Who would ever have thought that images of people holding hands, hugging, or enjoying some time together at a busy sports bar would cause people to shudder? The new reality caused by the pandemic forces a shift in online advertising that takes into consideration the significant ways our lifestyles have been impacted. If you scroll through your Facebook or Insta newsfeed, you’ll probably see a lot of ads that showcase the product only, or one solo person with it—and that’s no mistake! The business managers who made those ads have understood the need to create ad imagery that can be accepted by audiences against the backdrop of our current reality.

Online ads today should reflect that businesses are adapting responsibly to necessary changes

3. Use Remarketing to Get Previous Visitors Back 

With more people working and studying from home than ever before, there’s also a lot more shopper browsing happening. As anyone attending business school knows, competition makes it a lot harder to grab new customer attention. This newly hyper-competitive online browsing field makes it more important than ever to use the resources you have available to you—namely, people who’ve visited your site before. 

It’s an ideal time to re-target previous website visitors with new campaigns devised to recapture their attention with pertinent promos and freebies. Facebook and Instagram have great tools for re-targeting visitors who have interacted with a business page. Remember to use finely tuned current messaging that shows you understand what they need, reminding them how your product can be of value to them now and in the future.

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