4 Signs You’re a Great Fit for Medical and Health Administration

There are a variety of different careers available in healthcare. For prospective students, it can be difficult to make the choice of what to study. You know you want to break into a position within the medical system, supporting Canadians with their health needs, but you’re not sure what role would be a good fit. 

Although most people’s minds will be drawn towards images of doctors, nurses, and surgeons when thinking about healthcare, there’s a whole world of people that work to support them. One way that you can start working in healthcare is by choosing a career in medical and health administration. 

Administrators work mostly behind the scenes, using a combination of medical, technical, and office management skills to ensure the efficient and smooth running of health institutions. Here are four signs you’d be a great fit to study for a career in health administration. 

You Want Flexibility in Your Professional Life After Healthcare Training

Medical and health administrators enjoy an incredible amount of flexibility within their careers. A career in administration may involve management on a macro level, such as the oversight of a facility or even of an entire healthcare system, or a more minor level, such as within specific facilities, departments, or clinical areas. 

The skills learned by these administrators during healthcare training can apply to several different work environments, including practitioner offices, pharmaceutical manufacturing, home healthcare, residential care facilities, clinics, and more.

You’re Passionate About Organization 

For doctors and nurses to be able to treat the patients that need their care, their place of work needs to be organized and efficient. Without astute and skilled administrators, patients could be sent to the wrong places, records could be lost, and treatments could be misapplied. If you love to organize, archive, and plan, you’re well-suited to a career in healthcare administration.

A passion for organization will be useful for a career in healthcare administration

An important part of being a medical administrator is ensuring the coordinated and efficient delivery of healthcare. Administrators make short and long-term decisions to organize an institution’s resources in a way that optimizes its efficiency and financial stability. 

You’re a Team Player 

Every other worker in a medical institution, as well as the patients that use its services, rely on healthcare administrators. In this career, you’d form the sturdy backbone of a smoothly running healthcare organization, working to coordinate different aspects of your workplace. If you like the challenge of working with diverse teams of people and seeking to balance and harmonize them, healthcare careers in administration might be right for you. 

You Want to Change Healthcare for the Better 

Healthcare administrators have a huge amount of influence over the quality of healthcare, as well as its availability and accessibility. A healthcare institution run by a skilled administrator has the potential to greatly improve the lives of the patients that use its services. 

Healthcare administrators work to improve the functioning of medical institutions

As an administrator, you would ensure that certain quality standards are met for things like records management, data acquisition, and long-term healthcare outcomes. Through all this, you’d improve the care that patients receive on the ground level. If you want to work to change healthcare for the better, you may want to consider a career as an administrator.

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