What Students in Medical Office Administration Courses Should Know About ABELMed

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Most people who work in the healthcare sector are familiar with ABELMed. It’s the most commonly used practice management software among healthcare facilities in Ontario, and helps to increase productivity at clinics, hospitals, and other facilities.

The software has a number of practical advantages, including enabling patients to schedule their own appointments and update personal information, storing medical data all in one place, and managing invoices and billing.

Read on to find out more about ABELMed, and why it’s an important part of the Medical and Health Administration program curriculum.

What Does ABELMed Do and How Does it Work?

As a brief overview, ABELMed helps with all of the administration tasks in a healthcare facility. This includes scheduling appointments, managing prescriptions, and sending invoices, to name a few.

The software also acts as an online database of medical records so that healthcare professionals can access patient data quickly and easily.

Students in medical office administration courses will learn how to use the software so that they are best prepared to work in healthcare practices.

Improve Patient Care with ABELMed in Medical Office Administration Careers

ABELMed features a patient portal that patients can access from a computer, smartphone, or tablet anywhere. Patients can use this portal to make payments, book appointments, update personal information and view their medical history.

Patients access their medical records and make appointments using the patient portal

The ABELMed Portal also has a secure messaging system meaning that patients can communicate with their practice electronically, for example if they need to request a repeat prescription.

Patients also no longer need to worry about contacting their healthcare provider within certain hours, as ABELMed enables them to send messages 24/7. As well as this, the system allows patients to confirm appointments by text or email, which can reduce the number of no-shows. This improves the lives of those working in medical office administrator careers as they will have more time to complete other important admin tasks.

In addition, the patient portal offers a library of education materials that patients can access as and when they need it.

ABELMed Can Increase Productivity Saving Time and Money

ABELMed has several unique features to speed up administration processes in healthcare facilities. If a healthcare professional wants to enter written notes, for example, there is no need to type these up manually. The software is able to interpret handwriting and store the information on the system.

Similarly, medical professionals can enter details into the software by speaking. ABELMed works with Dragon Medical to offer voice transcription services. Voice files can be quickly converted to text and loaded to the patient files. This makes medical clinics more efficient as it saves the time spent on data entry.

Patients can complete and submit medical history forms prior to an appointment using the software if needed. This can help to reduce appointment times so practices can help more patients.

Communicate Quickly and Easily WithOther Healthcare Facilities

Another benefit of ABELMed is that it can be used by healthcare practices of all sizes, from small community practices to large multi-discipline practices spanning multiple locations. The software means that multiple practices can all be linked to one head office with equal access to patient data.

ABELMed also improves communication between hospitals, clinics and labs. Medical records can be electronically transmitted, meaning that different healthcare facilities can access these records through the web. As an example, lab results can be sent to hospitals and community clinics almost instantly,so that medical staff can treat patients quicker.

Manage Workflow and Outstanding Tasks

Lastly, software like ABELMed means that healthcare administrators can view outstanding tasks all in one place. This can be easily delegated via the online system, improving productivity across the whole practice.

The dashboard means that healthcare professionals can access important items like upcoming appointments, daily tasks, and patient files all in one place. Simply put, this makes it much easier for healthcare administrators to do their job!

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