The Importance of Organization Skills for Law Clerk Careers

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The credentials you need to become a law clerk in Ontario are pretty straightforward. You can become qualified through education, training and work experience. Then you can take certification exams administered by the Institute of Law Clerks of Ontario (ILCO) and take on law clerk duties under the supervision of a lawyer. Following this path requires hard work that is both challenging and rewarding. However, you may still be wondering what non-legal traits or skills are integral to success in this profession.

One of the top qualities that law professionals and others highlight as integral to office work of any kind is organization. Getting more organized does not have to wait until you are sitting at the desk of your exciting new career. The benefits of staying organized will become more and more evident during your training as you gain the necessary skills and knowledge to become a successful law clerk. Here’s why organization skills are so important for law clerks.

Organization Skills Correlate with Reliability

What is true for finding success in your law clerk courses will be true for your career: organization is key. In fact, when you are organized, you also show that you are a reliable employee who takes their job seriously. That’s why organization skills are important to employers. 

Law clerks must assist lawyers with keeping track of many different types of documents

Of course, being interested in the law will also be advantageous when you search for a job. However, if you would like to pursue the law clerk profession, then will benefit from working on your organization skills as well. Keeping your calendar up to date, making to-do lists, and knowing how to devise filing systems are concrete examples of how to be organized and show that you are reliable.  

An Organized Work Space is More Efficient

There are different ways to stay organized. Some people may benefit from an electronic to-do list while others may prefer to keep track of tasks on paper or a bulletin board. Not all methods of organization look the same, but for many people an organized work space consistently increases efficiency. 

Organization can also contribute to a sense of control, which can reduce stress and distractions. For example, your knowledge of legal documents and your duty to maintain the authority of the courts under the guidance of a lawyer will be better served by an organized file system. Why spend time looking for unorganized documents when you could start your job on the right foot by creating or updating a filing system that will help you save time?

With Law Clerk Training, You Will Never Miss a Deadline 

Whether you work in a law office, governmental agency, or another type of office, your responsibilities as a law clerk will involve deadlines. This is one of the most important reasons to stay organized. Documents, court dates, and other important events happen on a schedule.

Whether using colour codes or digital alarms, it’s imperative to keep deadlines organized

This is just one of the many ways in which your law clerk training will prepare you for a successful career. The same way you must manage deadlines for school, you will have to manage deadlines and schedules throughout your career. Keeping an office and its lawyers on schedule is an invaluable skill that requires a high level of organization. The ILCO states that the law clerk profession is expanding and is likely to continue to do so, making now a great time to get organized and begin your courses.

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