3 Reasons to Learn Flash Animation in Your Web Design Training

Flash is a program that was created by Macromedia, which was a web development software company that was acquired by Adobe in 2005. When it was first introduced it provided a competitive alternative to HTML for creating interactive websites.

The main reason to learn Flash may be summed up by the idea that the more you know the better. Every time you learn a new tool, you are setting up your brain to be better at learning new software in general. Also, when you can list more skills on your resume it shows potential employers that you have the flexibility and capacity to pick up different ways of doing things. Read on to find out why it is worth learning Flash.

1. Flash Does Vector Animation

Flash is a powerful tool for vector animation and is best suited to 2D graphics. Vector animation refers to the way the motion is rendered. Unlike pixel animation, Flash motion is done by mathematical values. This means that resizing is much more reliable across platforms. Vector-based animation files also require less information than pixel animations so the file sizes are small and easy to upload and download.

Flash is a blank canvas for creating exciting 2D animations
Flash is a blank canvas for creating exciting 2D animations

When you are doing web design courses it is important to understand this type of animation. Having the knowledge of the differences between types of animations, tools and what they are best suited for is the type of knowledge that will serve you well in your career.

2. Learn How to Make Games in Your Web Design Training

From your web design training you will know that interactivity is important and this is something Flash provides. For sites that want to have games included, for example, Flash could be a solution. The way you create games in Flash is with ActionScript, a language that is not difficult to learn. Similar to learning more programs, it is also a good idea to learn more coding languages.

ActionScript and Flash allow you to take your rough idea of a game and realize it fully, as long as the idea is fairly simple. The types of games or game elements that Flash is good at include puzzles, endless runners (the games that move a character automatically and a player can jump or do other things), Role Player Games (RPGs) and a few others. Don’t let simplicity fool you. Some Flash games, like “The Worlds Hardest Game,” have been extremely popular.

3. Learning Flash Will Help You Problem Solve      

Just like many other programs, Flash has its limits. Learning this program will provide a great lesson in figuring out how to problem solve for a project. When asked to design a site, or when you are working on a team, you will have to be able to think about solutions in multiple ways because of your experience with Flash.

Work collaboratively with classmates to learn different programs for different projects
Work collaboratively with classmates to learn different programs for different projects

If you fully understand a program and why it works optimally for certain functions and not very well for others, you will be a better designer all around. Flash has provided many designers and programmers with dynamic sites and exciting artistic control. However, it doesn’t mean it’s the right solution for every need. That is, a final reason to learn Flash is that it provides an opportunity to learn limits and imagine better solutions.

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