What Students in Web Design Courses Should Know About Dreamweaver

If you decide to pursue a career in web design, you will have to learn how to use different software and programs. The world of web design offers many opportunities for young professionals to use their skills in different industries. Understanding how to use different types of software will make you more attractive to employers and clients.

One tool that web designers should certainly have in their arsenal is Dreamweaver. Dreamweaver is a program for making websites. It is an essential tool that all aspiring web designers should learn to use. Here’s a look at what Dreamweaver is and some features that make it especially useful.

Dreamweaver is an Essential Tool for Web Design Careers

Dreamweaver is a tool developed by Adobe and used by hundreds of thousands of companies and professionals around the world. It is a web design and development editor that allows users to create and visualize websites and applications, and eventually upload them to hosts and servers when they are completed. Using Dreamweaver can be useful in many different web design careers and you’ll find that just about any employer will expect web designers to have a firm grasp of Dreamweaver.

Dreamweaver is useful for web designers no matter where they are in their careers
Dreamweaver is useful for web designers no matter where they are in their careers

Code Highlighting Helps You Spot Problems With Your Code Faster

During your web design diploma you’ll learn a number of different coding languages, such as XHTML with CSS. Keeping track of all these languages in your code can be a challenge, especially when you’re just starting out. Code highlighting helps overcome this issue. Dreamweaver highlights different types of code in different colours so that they can be distinguished from one another. This can help you spot errors when you are coding a page that includes different coding languages. It also helps when reviewing your code since different coding languages, like HTML, CSS, PHP, and Javascript are highlighted differently. This code highlighting gives you a better overview of your design so that you can quickly identify individual pieces of code that need to be changed and corrected.

Design View Gives Web Designers a Preview of What Their Code Will Look Like

For beginners, Design View is quite a helpful feature. Dreamweaver displays the pages you are coding in live time. This means that you can see your page change as you are coding it and making modifications. The Design View feature allows you to keep an eye on what you’re doing without having to open your design in a browser each time you want to see it. While Design View is not strictly a browser—and you should still verify your code is correct by testing it in a browser—it can help you spot errors in real time.

You’ll learn how to use Dreamweaver in your web design courses
You’ll learn how to use Dreamweaver in your web design courses

With Templates Web Designers Can Get Work Done Faster

As you design and develop more and more websites, you will need to find ways to save time. Dreamweaver Templates allows you to save time by archiving your designs and converting them into templates that can be used for future projects. By doing this, you do not have to start over each time you create a project that is similar to a previously created project. Templates is also a useful feature for developing bigger websites early on in your career—a skill that is bound to impress many employers and clients.

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