How a Digital Media Diploma Can Kickstart Your Freelance Career

The world of web design, digital media, and website development is ideal for someone who wants to begin a freelance career. Establishing yourself as a freelancer gives you the opportunity to work on your own schedule and to choose your own clients. Because freelancers are usually not employed by one particular company, they are essentially their own bosses! That said, freelance is hard word. Luckily, courses in digital media can help. If working for yourself is something that you might be interested in, check out how a digital media diploma can get you started on your way to becoming a freelancer.

A Digital Media Program Gives You Technical Skills to Start your Freelancing Career

A program in digital media allows you to develop your technical, creative, and business capabilities. You will gain an in-depth understanding of popular software tools used in the industry. For example, you’ll be trained in how to use Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Dreamweaver, and Action Script. You will learn how to manipulate audio, video, and digital graphics using various design programs. These abilities can lead you to a variety of different careers in the industry, including in digital marketing, graphic design, digital media publishing, web design and development, and more. Understanding this software and having the technical skills required for digital marketing will open up new freelance opportunities.
As a freelancer, you can transform your favorite coffee shop into your office
As a freelancer, you can transform your favorite coffee shop into your office

A Digital Media Diploma Can Help You Prepare a Portfolio for Clients

According to the Conference Board of Canada, digital marketing is going to be a strong driver of job growth over the next 5 years. Many companies are recruiting qualified individuals to help them complete specific digital media related assignments for their businesses. However, while job growth is strong, when companies hire they need to see proof that you can deliver what they’re looking for. That’s why a portfolio is so important for a digital marketing career. During your digital media diploma, you will develop an online portfolio of work samples that can be used in interviews or meetings with prospective clients. Freelancing is about demonstrating your abilities and being able to deliver results. With a digital media diploma and a strong portfolio, you can show employers why you are the right candidate for the job.

Career Services Can Help with a Freelance Career in Digital Media

Working freelance is as much a career as any other and the steps that go into finding a traditional job also apply to freelance digital media careers. For that reason, taking advantage of the career services offered by your school when you study digital media can put you in a strong position after graduation. For example, you’ll find that when looking for clients you may be interviewed by them before they offer you an assignment. Career services can help you prepare for these interviews in the same way that you would prepare for a traditional job interview. You’ll also have career counseling services at your disposal, which can help with finding job postings and developing your CV.
Career services can help you improve your interview techniques for finding clients
Career services can help you improve your interview techniques for finding clients
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