Meet Marketing and Digital Media Teacher Swetha Shri

It wasn’t long ago that Swetha Shri worked as a social media specialist at a notable Toronto marketing agency. Bringing colleagues and clients up to speed on the latest marketing trends was a regular part of her job. That meant presenting new information in a way that was both understandable and interesting. That isn’t an easy task in today’s ever-changing social media landscape. But as it turned out, teaching was something Swetha was passionate about.

“I was, in a way, teaching people what my job was about,” says Swetha. “You have to break it down, simplify it, deliver it, and make sure they invest in it. I realized I really enjoy introducing new concepts and ideas to people who are in a position to learn.”

Today, Swetha teaches the Marketing and Digital Media program at Canadian Business College’s Toronto Campus. She introduces students the world of digital media, from both a creative and a marketing perspective. For students, that means not just understanding how to use the various programs and platforms, but understanding how to connect with their target audience.

“This is an era where we’re seeing a rise in conscious consumerism,” Swetha explains. “When we look at a product, we want to know the story behind it. We want the process behind how the product was created. The basic principle behind this program is using old school marketing techniques but adapting them for today’s era. It’s a shift from consumer ‘is always right’ to consumer is always first. Whether it is branding, designing or social media strategy, it is the user-first approach that builds sustainable brands.”

In just one year, Swetha’s Marketing and Digital Media graduates will have a complete digital portfolio, including graphic design, video editing, e-commerce, and marketing. The program attracts a variety of students with various personal goals. Some are small business owners looking to take their marketing to the next level. Other students are looking to develop the skill set that will make them a valuable asset to any company. While the level of ambition may differ, says Swetha, her students share some common characteristics.

“These are people with ideas. The students who come in here are creative. They’re passionate. And this program helps them present their ideas online. They get a platform to be heard through the right channels.”

Creativity and passion may be in abundance among Marketing and Digital Media students, but they are not requirements. As someone who discovered her love of teaching in 2018, Swetha knows that finding your passion can take a little patience and persistence. For anyone who has ever questioned their line of work, Swetha offers a suggestion.

“Ask yourself, if you didn’t get paid to do this, would you come in to work tomorrow? If the answer is yes, then it is something that you’re truly passionate about.”

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