4 Interesting Career Opportunities You Can Explore After Paralegal Training

For anyone with a strong analytical mind, a keen attention to detail, and an interest in the law, paralegal training can open up a wide range of fascinating and rewarding career paths. This is particularly true in Ontario, where paralegals are licensed and regulated by the Law Society of Ontario (formerly known as the Law Society of Upper Canada), and can represent clients in tribunals and lower courts, draft legal documents, offer legal advice and perform an array of other duties, many of which, in other jurisdictions, would require a licensed lawyer. These paralegals can find work in any number of areas, from the corporate sector, to private law firms, to federal, provincial and local government agencies, and even in private practices. If you’re interested in pursuing a career in law and want to know more about the options available to licensed paralegals in Ontario, here are four interesting career opportunities you can explore after paralegal training.

Join a Law Firm and Work with Lawyers after Paralegal Training

One option for paralegals who have completed their training and licensing is to find a position in a law firm, assisting lawyers by gathering and analyzing data, preparing affidavits and other legal documents, investigating precedents relevant to a case and performing a broad range of other tasks. This can be a great way to gain valuable, hands-on legal experience after earning your paralegal diploma.

Defend Clients Being Prosecuted for Provincial Offences as a Paralegal

Provincial offences, prosecuted under the Provincial Offenses Act (POA), include a range of minor, non-criminal offences such as speeding, entering prohibited premises and public intoxication. Unlike other provinces, in Ontario, paralegals are permitted to represent clients in court on such matters. As a paralegal taking on provincial offenses, your work might include interviewing clients and witnesses, building a case and presenting it in court, and advising your client on any possible appeals. Paralegals interested in defending clients on provincial charges could find work in legal firms, or could also start their own practices.  
In Ontario, paralegals can represent clients in court for provincial offenses
In Ontario, paralegals can represent clients in court for provincial offenses

Paralegals Can Help Tenants and Landlords Assert their Rights

Paralegals in Ontario can also find work representing landlords and tenants in Landlord and Tenant Board Hearings. If a landlord neglects repairs, enters a tenant’s unit without permission or harasses a tenant, as a paralegal, you can help them file an application with the Landlord and Tenant Board, prepare their case and represent them at the hearing. Likewise, paralegals can help landlords with tenant issues assert their rights over their property by assisting with the eviction process or with board hearings. Like those specializing in POA offences, paralegals specializing in landlord-tenant law can find work either as part of a larger firm or start their own private practice after completing paralegal training.

Paralegal Training Can Prepare You for a Career in Small Claims Court

Small claims court allows private litigants to sue individuals and businesses for money or the return of personal property valued under $25,000. It’s regularly used to recover unpaid debts, resolve disputes with contractors, recover expenses from broken contracts, and generally assist individuals and businesses in recouping lost money or property. Paralegals specializing in small claims court issues can use their legal expertise and skills to help plaintiffs prepare their claims, gather evidence and argue their case in court.  
Paralegals can help clients recover lost money or property in small claims court
Paralegals can help clients recover lost money or property in small claims court
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