Map Out Your Future: 4 Career Paths You Can Pursue at Business School

If you’re looking to begin a new career, business school can be a great way to unlock new opportunities and set yourself off in the right direction. Schools offering hands-on training and small class sizes prepare students to enter (or re-enter) the job market with confidence, an array of valuable skills and a resume that clearly reflects their abilities and value to potential employers. Depending on your own particular career aspirations and interests, there are several options to choose from. If you’re looking ahead to your career possibilities and wondering how to get started, here’s a useful guide to four career paths you can pursue at business school.

Accounting and Payroll Administration Grads Have Many Career Options

In Canadian Business College’s (CBC) Accounting and Payroll Administrator program, students gain a strong foundation in accounting principles and software, including QuickBooks and Sage Simply Accounting. After completing courses covering payroll fundamentals, human resources, and a range of other accounting, payroll and professional skills, students will be ready for a rewarding career in accounting and payroll. After at least a year of work experience, graduates will also be eligible to receive their Payroll Compliance Practitioner (PCP) certification, opening them up to many opportunities in the field of payroll compliance. Graduates of the program will be able to pursue careers in accounting and bookkeeping for government agencies, private businesses, accounting firms and non-profit organizations.

Learn Valuable Skills in Accounting Assistant Training

If you’re interested in accounting, you might also consider our Accounting Assistant program, which provides students with an understanding of the fundamental principles of accounting and business. Students in the Accounting Assistant program will learn how to manage balance sheets, create and read financial statements and confidently use standard industry software like Microsoft Office Suite.
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CBC’s Accounting Assistant training can prepare you for a career in accounting or bookkeeping
After graduating from business school with Accounting Assistant training, students will have all the skills they need to pursue careers as not only accounting assistants, but also accounting clerks, financial assistants or bookkeepers.

A Program to Prepare Students for Business Management Careers

For anyone with a broader interest in business, the Business Management program offers students the skills and knowledge they need to compete in our fast-moving and highly complex global economy. In this program, students will learn about business operations and planning, leadership and communication techniques, sales, project management and entrepreneurship. Additional technology training can help students ensure that they have the skills to thrive in today’s high-tech corporate workplaces. Students graduating from the Business Management program are well-positioned for a broad range of business management careers within the business sphere, including project manager, human resource manager and administrative officer. The highly transferable skills they learn can prepare them to work in fields as diverse as real estate, marketing and entrepreneurship.

Enter the World of Online Business with E-Business Administration Training

If you’re interested in a career that combines business with digital media and technology, then this diploma program can prepare you with the skills you need. Students in our E-Business Diploma Program learn about e-business development, web design, marketing and a range of other subjects that give them the foundation they need to succeed in the world of online business. Students will even have the opportunity to create a business plan of their own, preparing them to pursue their entrepreneurial ambitions after graduating. This training can prepare graduates for many roles within the e-commerce sector, including e-commerce manager, online distribution manager, internet marketer, web developer and more.
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Aspiring e-commerce entrepreneurs can gain the skills they need with our E-Business diploma
Are you ready to train for a new career at business school? Contact Canadian Business College today to learn more about our business programs.

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